Key Benefits

Work more Efficiently

Obtain information quick and easily – as the craft combines the latest in software and hardware to make your job easier and quicker, there is an opportunity to gather data that was previously out of reach or too difficult to obtain. Apply targetted action with the information now available to you.

Reduce Cost

Not only are costs reduced by obtaining information more efficiently and quicker, the information provided allows for precision application of fertilizer and pesticides which serves your bottom line as well as the environment.

Increase Yield

High Quality Data to know the status of your assets – whether these are crops or animals – and detect diseases in an early stage allows you to maximise productivity.

Increase Safety

Farming and forestry are rated top rank globally in terms of risk of injury and even death. Our technology can help to increase safety.

aerial view of vineyards at Wairau valley


HIgh country farming

High Country Farmers

Harvesting timber in the young coniferous forest.


Matching the right solution with the right application

With a range of agricultural categories it is important to nail down which solution is best suited for the job. Drawing on our knowledge as one of the first commercial UAV manufacturers, and working closely with existing customers, we have configured agricultural packages that ultimately reflect best practice in the field.

Cropping and Vineyards

Multispectral remote sensing provides radically new perspectives on the health and vigor of crops. It allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately. It enables precise application of nutrient inputs and disease preventative actions based on the actual field conditions today. Data captured on a frequent basis enables growers and agronomists to map the health and vigor of crops today as well as observe changes in crop health over time.

Use Cases

  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Quantify Plant Growth Rate
  • Weed Control
  • Yield Forecasting
  • Manage Fertilizer Application
  • Damage Assessment
  • Bird Scaring

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics NAVI™

The NAVI™ is widely used for gathering multispectral / NVDI imagery for precision agriculture practices by crop growers. Please find details via the link below.

Aeronavics NAVI and Micasense Sensor

High Country Farmers

Using an Aerial Robot as your eyes-in-the-sky will drastically reduce your commute time around the farm and allows you to view remote areas you couldn’t access before. Minimizing commute increases safety. Animals in distress are located quicker and issues with fences and troughs are easily discovered so action can be taken sooner. Your productivity increases and risk of injuries reduces.

Use Cases

  • Inspect Fences, Gates and Troughs
  • Check Waterways
  • Locate Distressed Animals
  • View Hard to Reach Areas
  • Reduce Poaching
  • Weed Control
  • Animal Mustering
  • Animal Counting

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics NAVI™

For several years now farmers use our products to monitor their farm and even muster sheep. The NAVI™ is particularly suited to assist with these activities fitted with an action cam for an instant overview. Please find details via the link below.

The Aeronavics NAVI drone and action cam payload


There is a range of applications in which the forestry sector benefits from the use of UAV’s, from moniting growth to forest management, terrain mapping, damage assessment and fire management. To simply have an eye in the sky allows for an instant overview and remote areas can now be safely observed at a low cost. Our heavy lifting craft are assiting forest owners carrying LiDAR scanners and the systems are even being used to take leader lines across gulleys.

Use Cases

  • Forest Management
  • Quantify Growth Rate
  • Resource Planning
  • Weed Control
  • Yield Forecasting
  • Damage Assessment
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Fire Management

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics NAVI™

The NAVI™ is a compact versatile craft suited to various applications in forestry such as monitoring and tree health analyses with multi-spectral imagery. For applications such as LiDAR or Precision Spraying the Icon would be best suited.

navi image

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics ICON™

The ICON™ is our Heavy Lifter and offers fantastic capability to integrate sensors onto. We have fitted LiDAR, hyper-spectral cameras, thermal cameras and combinations thereof. We are developing a precision spray option currently and have capability to integrate other payloads as per specific requirements.