Navi moulded body

Weather Ruggedised Body

Strong moulded body to protect electronics and internals in light rain and snow. Durable, UV stable with impact protection – can be easily removed with custom turn-lock fasteners for quick pack-down.

Optional Retractable Landing Gear

Retractable landing gear offers an unobstructed view for payloads mounted on 3-axis gimbals such as the inspection camera. Robust industrial actuators and Lightweight Carbon Fibre moulded leg sections with removable skids for pack down and storage.

Navi high speed wireless

High speed wireless 150mbps - Industrial grade laser terrain following

Aeronavics new generation Navi utilises a high speed 802.11 compatible MIMO data link for fast and flexible transfer of telemetry and video data between the aircraft and ground station:
  • 2.4GHz ISM Band Operation (900MHz and 5.8GHz options also available).
  • Up to 600mW output power.
  • Data rates up to 150Mbps.
  • Effective 1080i25 HD Video operating range around 1000m (stock antennae).
  • Effective Telemetry Data operating range around 2000m (stock antennae)
  • The optional Terrain Following module offers ultra precision flight over contour terrain from 1.5 meters up to 100 meters.

Navigation LED's

Ultra Bright Navigation LEDs with variable intensity, high light and low light applications to increase craft visibility over longer distances offering improved visibility for craft orientation.

The LED’s can be set to daytime mode and night mode – they can be set to each mode from the ground control device. Please note: in most geographies operation at night requires special clearance from aviation authorities.

Molded Carbon Fibre Booms

Molded booms are made from the high quality 3k twill with a cosmetic matt finish. The upward swept booms allow for clearer view of gimbal mounted cameras. The special moldings offer a far more rigid and secure mounting than round section booms and Pin and Bushed pivots are incorporated at the boom root for the swing mechanism.

Advanced Quick Release lever device secures the booms in place with an added safety lock mechanism.

Navi LED's

Optional Parachute System

A pyrotechnically deployed parachute offers the fastest and most reliable operation, reducing risk to persons and property on the ground, even during high speed and low altitude operations.


Our parachutes are supplied by a renowned company who have been producing ballistic rescue parachutes for light sport aircraft, ultralights and UAVs for over thirty years: their proven track record provides you maximum surety.

Find more information and additional optional extras below in our Navi overview section.

Navi Parachute
Navi Interchangable

Interchangeable Payloads

Quick Release “gear mount” allows for rapid mission reconfiguration. Various payloads can easily and swiftly be interchanged with another sensor to reconfigure the craft for a different function. Industrial grade waterproof “Pin-Out” connectors allow simple hassle free attachment of power and transmission of the sensor to the craft core.

Available payloads for the Navi are:

  • Two axis stabilised high definition (up to 42mp) camera typically used for surveying and mapping
  • Two axis stabilised multi-spectral camera typically used for crop analyses
  • 360 degree 3 axis stabilised gimbal mounted action cam typically used for monitoring and general aerial filming
  • 360 degree 3 axis stabilised gimbal thermal camera typically used for monitoring and surveillance and search missions
  • 360 degree 3 axis gimbal mounted high definition zoom camera (30x zoom) typically used for inspection – with optional commercial grade radiometric thermal imaging sensor

Avionics and Optional 5th Generation Intel i7 Based Mission Computer

Our flight avionics offer fully stabilized flight either operated by a radio controller or via our advanced ground and mission control stations. Standard features include:

– Auto take-off and landing

– Fully automated and repeatable GPS waypoint flight

– Return to take-off position with the flick of a switch

– 3 x temperature controlled IMU’s, 3 x magnetometers, 2 x Barometers, 2 x GPS

– Multiple failsafe modes for safe and secure operations

The optional Intel i7 based mission computer is the highest performance computer available on a craft of this type today and is used for advanced payload operations, machine vision and navigation.

Find more information and additional optional extras below in our Navi overview section.

Transport Case

Custom built Robust Waterproof and Shockproof Aeronavics transport case to store the NAVI craft, its payload options and parachute. The craft can be packed down easily and quickly through the various quick release components; the transport case measures 800mm long x 450mm wide x 200mm high.

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