Propeller Recommendation – SkyJib Lite

Please note: the Xoar 14×5 or 14×7 precision pair propellers are the preferred match for the AXi 2820/18 motor in terms of flight performance. Although the Gemfan 14×4.5 wooden MR propeller out performed all others on the bench test and under a narrow band of flight conditions, the Xoar props offer a more responsive unit […]

2012-10-30T07:00:40+13:00October 30th, 2012|Product Upgrades|

Retract Update

There is a short delay on the retract release – we have identified an minor issue that may become a “point of wear or fatigue” after longer periods of operation and we have opted to delay by two more weeks to get the new components in to replace the stock items we have already in […]

2012-10-30T06:57:26+13:00October 30th, 2012|New Products|
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