Aerial mastery in a young industry

In a relatively young industry still finding its feet, a New Zealand-based drone manufacturer is already flying high worldwide.

At the time “multi-rotor” technology had just emerged; explored by a small group of enthusiasts scattered around the world and connected through forums. Initial attempts creating airframe structures and trying different motors and propeller combinations soon evolved […]

2021-10-21T04:57:36+13:00November 21st, 2015|Media|

Up, up and away – drone makers target Hollywood

Deep in New Zealand’s rural heartland, drone maker Aeronavics tests aircraft designed to corner the fast-growing emerging market for unmanned aerial vehicles in the film and television business.

The developer of drones used in the production of “Dr. Who” and the “Twilight” films is one of a stable of New Zealand firms that are using the […]

2021-10-21T05:01:41+13:00July 21st, 2015|Media|

Aerial robotics add new dynamic to forestry

Aerial imagery, near-infrared detection and aerial robotics sound like they belong in a military operation, however these advanced technologies are set to change the dynamics of forest management.

Scion and Raglan-based Aeronavics Ltd have teamed up to field test unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) mounted with interchangeable remote sensing technologies for use in forest management. Researchers from […]

2021-10-21T05:03:37+13:00March 21st, 2015|Media|
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