The Aeronavics Team

Linda Bulk

Founding Director / Chief Brand Officer

Rob Brouwer

Founding Director / Chief Product Advisor

Edwin Hayes

Technology Manager

Anton Slooten

Avionics Engineer

Craig Pamment

Chief Flight Engineer

Anthony Green

Mechanical Engineer (3DM)

Scott Spooner

Flight Engineer

Hadley Boks-Wilson

Flight Engineer

The Aeronavics Team

We have a fantastic team of absolute champions in their field. We are proud of our people and their passion and dedication towards our mutual goal. Our crew is driven by a desire to break new ground and advance the potential of aerial robotics as a tool for providing safety, increasing efficiency, creating art, capturing beauty and ultimately advancing human evolution and sustainability of our planet.

We are a growing organisation so please feel free to check our Careers page to see if there are any vacancies of your interest.