Raglan-based and industry leaders Aeronavics are pleased to welcome three new members to their rapidly growing expert and world-leading team.

Angela Fang has joined Aeronavics Ltd as Supply Chain Manager. With an impressive educational background and CV to match, the team is excited to have her on board.

Originally from China, Angela has a Bachelors degree in English from Tianjin University of Commerce, a Bachelors degree in Law from Nankai University and a Masters in Management from the University of Auckland.  Angela has had a range of experience in large corporations, including as an Operations Project Manager for Sony Mobile.
Angela’s experience will be a great asset to the Aeronavics team. “I believe that my experience in procurement and supply chain management will help Aeronavics to have an impact on the industry worldwide. This company has the potential to be a global player in the drone market, and by streamlining processes I will help Aeronavics to produce more craft in a shorter period of time.”

“As Aeronavics moves from a start-up company to a global player I will ensure that costs are kept down and lead times are reduced – this will benefit both the company itself and Aeronavics’ clients.”
Making the move to Raglan is a change in lifestyle for Angela, but she is looking forward to the challenges ahead and to working with the cutting-edge Aeronavics team. “I’m quite excited because I have a keen interest in technology and product development. I look forward to using my skills to help Aeronavics to grow in this thriving industry.”

Nick Hablous has joined the Aeronavics Sales Team to help launch their new range. Nick has a Bachelor of Communication Studies, majoring in marketing, from the University of Waikato. Nick has had a wide range of experience in sales and marketing roles, including previously working in the Waikato University commercialization office – WaikatoLink.  Additionally, Nick has also had great success working with start up companies and helping them to become commercially viable. In (year) Nick was a part of the group that won ‘Most Innovative Team’ at the Innes 48 hour start up competition, and has had a keen interest in working with young companies ever since.

Nick joins the team after most recently holding the position of Sydney Metro Area Manager for a leading Australian FMCG company. His enthusiasm and motivation to sell quality products and connect with customers ensures that all of Aeronavics will benefit greatly from his role on the stellar Aeronavics team.

“I look forward to helping Aeronavics include streamlined solutions in their already impressive line up of craft. By targeting customers and offering proven effective aerial robotic solutions, we can reach a wider number of clients without having to custom-build each craft. My aim is to increase brand awareness and client base on a local and global scale through a mixture of tradeshows, targeted sales calls and marketing material.”

Chris van Schagen has been hired as Channel Manager, and will be developing Aeronavics’ international channels to market.

Chris has a strong background in sales, marketing and business management across a range of industries including Petrochemicals, Health/Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Automotive, and Manufacturing.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and Post-Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Psychology and in Management Studies, and has been successful in leading and growing his own businesses.

The role of Channel Manager will be a new challenge for Chris as he enters this emerging industry. “My role within Aeronavics will be to identify and develop the distribution strategies that will enable us to more efficiently reach and service our target customers internationally. “

Chris brings extensive international business development experience from both his own manufacturing business and 11 years as General Manager Sales & Marketing with Proform Plastics – a Waikato based NZ export success story in the automotive industry.  With Proform, Chris developed the company’s international business with global automotive companies and national distributors in 65 countries worldwide; orchestrated some successful joint-venture projects; and established a standalone import-distribution business for the company in Australia.

With a passion for strategy and international business development, Chris understands the importance of supplying solutions to the end user.

“As Channel Manager I will help to establish a strong distribution strategy that is going to provide efficient and effective channels to market. By taking into account the specific requirements of the end user, we can provide a well-rounded service that includes the craft as well as training, support and service.”

This type of structure will rely on partnerships with businesses that are already operating in these spaces, as well as the establishment of Aeronavics representation in different markets worldwide.  The skills that Chris brings to Aeronavics will help to achieve commercial objectives internationally.

“I look forward to making a real difference in the further growth of Aeronavics”