Key Benefits

Market Leading Stability

Aeronavics has long been famous for producing world class stable platforms and a commitment to providing steady useable footage. This is still one of the underlying strengths of our craft and makes them well suited for high end media work.

A Step Above

With a lot of new players climbing into the space attempting to offer professional media services, an Aeronavics machine still sets the serious operators apart and can be a determining factor in getting more jobs and delivering better quality.


Many professionals like to experiment and have a number of different cameras they want to get in the air, our base craft provide a stable platform with quick release plug out and plug in payload options.

Collaborative Operation

With our new professional ground control station collaboration between the pilot and camera operator has never been better. With built in HD downlink and integrated control getting the right shots is easier and more effective.

Live Sports



High End Media Solutions

The right tool for serious media professionals

Live Sports

Whether keeping up with rally cars or marathon runners to get the best shot, UAV technology has had a significant impact on the way live sporting events are consumed. Aeronavics media packages are part of this changing landscape and can provide a range of new perspectives for both officials and the audience. With extended flight times and signature stability combined with top-of the line broadcasting equipment our packages can equip sports media professionals with the right tools for the job.

Use Cases

  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Extreme Sports
  • Motor Racing
  • Boating


Hollywood was where the Aeronavics and SkyJib brand was built and our craft maintain the same stability and control that made them the go-to for directors all around the world. Our platforms combined with gimbal and top of the line cinema grade camera such as the Arri or Red is a winning combination for capturing the highest quality imagery. Add in professional ground control station and the package will become an essential bit of gear for those working at the high end of media production.


Documentary filming involves the need for the highest quality footage in some of the most demanding environments on earth. Our robust and weather ruggedised craft body can withstand high winds and a range of weather adverse weather conditions without compromising quality.

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics SkyJib™

The SkyJib™ is the original Hollywood heavy lifter and carries a DSLR for a comfortable 15 mins or larger cinema cameras for a short period of time. Follow the link for more details

Suitable Craft: Aeronavics ICON™

The ICON™ is the new Aeronavics heavy lifter with a maximum payload capacity of 15 kg it can carry a cinema grade camera or broadcasting system for a comfortable time frame. Follow the link for more details.