Aeronavics drones provide a stable platformJust when you think drones can’t get any smarter, think again.

We’ve already seen what drones have done for aerial photography and videography, but their potential to support human activity on our planet is just beginning.

The systems we’re developing remove the requirement for manual operation of the drone, maintain visual contact with it, file flight plans, or even decide if the weather is suitable to take off. The owner just chooses what they want the drone to look at or what information they need from a list on a smartphone or tablet – and the drone does the rest.

After taking off from a self-charging micro hangar, it will fly pre-programmed routes to scan and gather information; it then lands back in the hangar and uploads its data. The drone can be launched from anywhere in the world and get information sent in just a fraction of time. This is exciting stuff, and when you add Aeronavics unique remote monitoring and oversight of the entire fleet to keep them all operating in perfect order every time, this is game-changing technology.

Together we can maximise productivity, vastly improve sustainability and clean up the soil and water as we go.

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