Sheep being moved by a droneThe technology we are currently working on supports agricultural productivity and the general quality of life for farmers in a big way.

Our soon to be released drones help manage soil and water quality and other environmental issues that affect our farms.

Using drones, instead of people, to monitor and gather data over large areas or dangerous terrain will also reduce the alarming number of serious injuries and deaths on our nation’s farms as well as improve productivity.

We were hearing from farmers that one of the biggest barriers to having a farm drone was the learning curve associated with operating and maintaining a drone.

Anyone can fly a farm drone – that’s the beauty of this design.

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a drone could be on every commercial farm. as part of its productivity and environmental management toolkit. Our goal is to support that technological step-change and make it as simple as possible for our nation’s farmers to adopt and use this technology.

Our farm drones bring with them massive opportunities to increase productivity, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, minimise the use of poisons and fertilizers and at the same time, reduce employees’ exposure to chemicals and farm-vehicle-related accidents.

Discover the Benefits of Automated Drones