Agriculture – Farming

From the comfort of your home, ute or tractor you can have a birds-eye view of your property inspecting infrastructure, crop and stock.

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Drones on Farms

Horticulture – Orchards

Numerous sensors on our drones provide for precision agriculture to monitor crop health, growth, irrigation, forecast yields and detect diseases at an early stage.

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Drones are helping orchards

Asset inspection – Power and Utilities

We have designed and manufactured drones that are an effective and efficient means to carry out routine inspections of high-value assets.

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Drones for Power Inspection

Asset Inspection – Civil infrastructure

Towers, bridges, railways and other civil infrastructure require regular inspection and maintenance – a drone can do this with ease.

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NZ Drones for Business

Asset Inspection – Oil and Gas

Whether onshore or offshore the use of an Aeronavics drone in the oil, gas and chemical industries is the perfect fit for the task ahead.

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Drones for Asset Exploration

Monitoring and Surveillance

Keeping areas secure is all about knowing exactly what goes on and who is present – it’s about being informed and making decisions accordingly.

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control unit display

Surveys and Mapping

Professional surveyors around the world have been quick to identify the benefits associated with drone use in their industry.

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Drones for Farming

Commercial Filming

From Hollywood blockbusters to wedding photography – our high-performance drones have seen and done it all.

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