A done is used to inspect power linesAeronavics drones are proving to be an effective and efficient means to carry out routine inspections of high-value assets.

Life-cycle asset management in the power and utilities sector can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if it disrupts asset operation.

With a stabilised high definition video camera with precision 50x zoom capability, and a radiometric thermal camera, the drone can be flown around an asset, zooming in on points of interest from a safe distance.

The ability to capture asset condition information with minimal disruption to daily operations is crucial to maximising asset use.

Comprehensive setup and training are provided.

Used for

  • Transmission line inspection
  • Fault detection
  • Thermal inspection
  • Solar power plants
  • Wind turbines

With a range of payloads available, it’s important to get a solution best suited for the job. Drawing on our knowledge and working closely with you, we will configure the perfect package.

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Asset inspections
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