Two people watching a farm drone flyOur agricultural drones are designed for easy upgrades so that they can be adapted to your current and future needs. We know every farm is different and this is why we can put together a solution to suit your specific needs.

We have drone options to help you to manage your farm from wherever you are by using your laptop or smartphone.

Below is a snapshot of what is possible.

Soil and Field Analysis

An agricultural drone can cover much larger areas at the same time as conventional methods, and develop 3D maps to inform better environmental decisions.

Crop Monitoring

An agricultural drone can produce multispectral and infrared images of crops which can be used to track changes in plant maturity and health. Growth monitoring and early detection of disease is key to cost-effective and environmentally conscious responses resulting in more productivity and reduced toxicity.

Water ManagementAn overflowing water trough on a farm

An agricultural drone fitted with a thermal camera can be used to identify areas of insufficient (or excessive) irrigation. Combined with irrigation technology, water can be ‘targeted’ to areas of need. This also prevents run-off (of nutrients like Nitrogen and Phosphorus), while conserving water and protecting waterways.

Pest Management

Infrared cameras can help locate pests, especially the heat signatures of larger mammals. Wallabies, wild goats and pigs can easily be detected as well as possums in open terrain.

Crop Spraying/Weed Eradication

An industrial spray and spreader drone adjusts its altitudes and flight paths according to the surrounding topography, making it well-suited for crop spraying/spreading and more targeted delivery of chemicals. In addition, this drone can assist with the eradication of Wilding Conifers.

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