Aeronavics drone filming rhino -Keeping areas secure is all about knowing exactly what goes on and who is present – or not. It is about being informed and making appropriate decisions accordingly. An aerial viewpoint, thermal and/or RGB (‘normal’ camera) is highly beneficial.

Our drones are widely used by universities and research/conservation institutes for researching and monitoring various environments, including forests, coastlines and reefs.

Sensors such as LiDAR, Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral and specialist equipment have been integrated onto our platforms to obtain data never possible before.Photo of Aeronavics SkyJib

Used for

  • Building/plant security
  • Surveillance
  • Anti-poaching
  • Resource planning
  • Progress mointoring
  • Data gathering

With a range of payloads, it’s important to get a solution best suited for the job. Drawing on our knowledge and working closely with you, we can configure the perfect package.

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