Navigation LED's

Ultra Bright Navigation LEDs with variable intensity, high light and low light applications to increase craft visibility over longer distances offering improved visibility for craft orientation.

The LED’s can be set to daytime mode and night mode – they can be set to each mode from the ground control device. Please note: in most geographies operation at night requires special clearance from aviation authorities.

Molded Carbon Fibre Booms

Molded booms are made from the high quality 3k twill with a cosmetic matt finish. The upward swept booms allow for clearer view of gimbal mounted cameras. The special moldings offer a far more rigid and secure mounting than round section booms and Pin and Bushed pivots are incorporated at the boom root for the swing mechanism.

Advanced Quick Release lever device secures the booms in place with an added safety lock mechanism.

Navi LED's

Weather Ruggedised Design

Strong moulded body to protect electronics and internals; robust design, durable, UV stable with impact protection.

Optional Retractable Landing Gear

Available on request

Long-range comms and telemetry (up to 10km) - 128 bit encrypted upstream and downstream secure comms link

The new generation Navi 1.3 has been extensively upgraded to include a more robust and durable design both mechanically and electronically.

The Navi 1.3 is seriously weather resistant, has a secure and robust comms link for up to two downstream video transmissions plus telemetry and control upstream.

Additional features include universal transport case which can be used as a vehicle mounted fixture to field use – full customisation options are also available for this aircraft in various configurations including 8 engines and a high altitude variant.

Optional Parachute System

A pyrotechnically deployed parachute offers the fastest and most reliable operation, reducing risk to persons and property on the ground, even during high speed and low altitude operations.


Our parachutes are supplied by a renowned company who have been producing ballistic rescue parachutes for light sport aircraft, ultralights and UAVs for over thirty years: their proven track record provides you maximum surety.

Find more information and additional optional extras below in our Navi overview section.

Navi Parachute

Robust Open Source Avionics and Secondary Onboard Mission Computer

Onboard secondary Linux computer for payload and accessory management and data management.

Transport Case

Custom built Robust Waterproof and Shockproof Aeronavics transport case to store the NAVI 1.3 craft, its payload options batteries and accessories. The craft can be packed down easily with quick release propellors. The case also has tie down points for vehicle mounting.

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