Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-11-24T23:07:07+13:00
How could a drone benefit me?2021-11-30T23:53:43+13:00

Drones could provide up to $7.9 billion in benefits for the New Zealand economy by undertaking tasks that are time-intensive such as monitoring stock and crops, expensive (e.g. power line inspection), and risky (e.g. emergency services). Drones also have the potential to change the way we move goods.

What features are on your drones?2021-10-31T23:32:54+13:00

Any business can benefit from adding a commercial drone to its fleet.

Our products have the capability of reaching the most remote areas with little to no manpower needed and require the least amount of effort, time, and energy. They are fast becoming an essential part of a business specifically in the agriculture, commercial, public sector and media industries.

They differentiate themselves from others in the market, by offering dynamic performance, robustness, flexibility, and durability, backed by dedicated customer support.

Features on our drones include:

  • high-speed communications
  • internet connectivity – an onboard computer
  • long-range control (up to 30km)
  • long endurance flights (up to 70 minutes)
  • adverse weather tolerance
  • video streaming
  • surveying capabilities
  • interchangeable payloads
  • payload weights of up to 25 kg
  • automated and repeatable GPS way-point
  • multiple fail-safes for safe operation


How do I know what drone to buy?2021-10-31T23:21:37+13:00

That’s where we help. We spend time with our clients to understand what their current and future needs are. From there we put together drone packages you can look over and consider. A great option if you are looking to add a drone to your business functions, is to take advantage of an onsite demonstration.

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Where can I purchase a drone?2021-11-24T21:55:28+13:00

We solely supply to the commercial sectors in New Zealand and overseas. You can purchase directly from us. Before you take off, we like to find out a bit about you, how you want to use your drone and the types of environment you will be flying in. From those discussions, we put together a drone package we know will get you the results you’re after.

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How many drones in New Zealand2021-10-31T23:02:47+13:00

According to research by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority, there are more than 175,000 drones and nearly 300,000 drone users in New Zealand.  Read the full report on drone use.

Who can fly a drone?2021-10-31T22:52:33+13:00

Anyone can fly a commercial drone providing you have the appropriate training and support.

Putting an aircraft into the sky comes with a lot of responsibility. There are rules and regulations all drone operators need to know before launching to keep yourself, others and your aircraft safe.

Check the rules and regulations with your local aviation authority.

New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority

United States Federal Aviation Administration

What is a drone?2021-10-31T22:37:42+13:00

The term “drone” usually refers to any unpiloted aircraft, also known as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs). A typical unmanned aircraft is made of light composite materials to reduce weight and increase manoeuvrability.

They can be equipped with a variety of additional equipment (payloads), including cameras, navigation systems, sensors, and various other drone software and hardware.

Drones can come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and with various functions. The vast majority of today’s models are operated with ground control stations.


Why an Aeronavics drone?2021-10-31T22:28:08+13:00

We are often asked what sets us apart from other drone manufacturers.

Aeronavics drones enable the purchaser to change what the drone is used for by simply changing the payload. Different models of drones cater for different payload sizes and operating environments.

Safety and reliability are our priorities.  Our drones are fitted with a range of sensors to capture critical system performance data. Any anomalies can be reported to prevent incidents in flight – protecting your asset and people and property on the ground.

Our standard payloads appeal to many industrial clients who need high quality and reliable drone solutions. While our customising capabilities are well-suited to research institutes and specialised payload manufacturers who want to integrate on a drone platform.

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