Linda Bulk with a NaviWe design and build all of our drones in Timaru, New Zealand.

Because we know every mission is different, we’ve given them all a ruggedised design made specifically for challenging environments.

Aeronavics drones are industrial grade, aerial workhorses that can go anywhere and do things that other drones cannot. They are essentially flying computers that can spend up to 90 minutes in the air and reach speeds of 90km/h all the while communicating with much more than a ground control station.

We know this all sounds exciting but please be aware that our commercial drones are very different from the common, consumer-grade drones.

They are generally larger, more robust, offer better performance and are more flexible in terms of behaviour and their ability to integrate payloads. They can do things that other drones cannot do.

All our drones are individually monitored and inspected throughout the manufacturing process, and fully tested before delivery to the customer.

We’ve been in the drone manufacturing industry since 2010 and are highly regarded for producing world-class stable platforms that provide steady, usable footage people rely on.