Made in New Zealand, each drone has a ruggedised design providing better performance in challenging environments. The models easily integrate different payloads for multi-functional purposes. One drone can perform a variety of different tasks depending on the payload attached to it.

Below is an overview of the range we currently have available.

NAVI 1.4

The Navi is a compact, versatile and durable drone successfully used in a number of industries. Its impact protection and quick pack down for ease of transportation are popular features. The Navi can go anywhere you can’t.

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Photo of an Aeronavics Navi


The RX has all the features of the standard Navi but with an 8-motor coaxial configuration, and can carry a payload of up to 2kg. The battery is mounted externally and designed with a high degree of weatherproofing.

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Photo of the NAVI RX Aeronavics drone


The SkyJib is an aerial work horse. It’s strong molded body protects the electronics and internals in light rain and snow while its quick-release gear mount allows for payloads to be easily interchanged to reconfigure the drone.

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Photo of Aeronavics SkyJib


The ICON is the heavy lifter or endurance performer of our models. It comes in two sizes and can carry between 4kg and 25kg, spending up to 60 minutes in the sky with light payloads. This is an in-demand aircraft especially with its interchangeable payloads that enable it to perform different tasks.

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