The Aeronavics ICON is a heavy lift aircraft designed to carry a range of payloads or cargo weighing up to 25kg.

Capable of autonomous flight, it is an effective industrial tool with a power-train that balances efficiency, carrying capacity, reliability and practicality.

As well as being weatherproof, operating in moderate to heavy rain, the aircraft performs reliably over long distances.

Aeronavis ICON ready to lift a 25kg payload

ICON Features

The ICON has an octa quad ’X8’ multi-rotor layout, with the semi-monocoque central fuselage containing the power electronics and avionics.

Light-weight carbon-fibre booms support brushless electric motors.

With fixed landing gear mounted close to the central core, the optional extended landing gear can be fitted to increase ground clearance for the payload or operating environment.

Drone spraying wilding pines

Safety and Communications

In addition to the flight control system, the ICON carries an onboard computer for communications, recording data, and payload management.

Multiple fail-safes provide protection for property, people and the asset. Its dual avionics power supplies protect against switch-mode power supply failures, dual GPS receivers improve resiliency against GPS drop-outs and paired battery power connectors provide protection against a faulty cable or connection.

Key Specifications

Features include:

  • NZ designed, manufactured and serviced
  • Manual operation or automated flight
  • Automated and repeatable GPS way-point
  • Max payload – 25kg
  • Max take-off weight – 50kg
  • Max speed 100km/h (no payload)
  • Max endurance 50min (no payload)
  • Max endurance 20min (50kg take-off weight)
  • Multiple fail-safes for safe operation
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Flight Control Processor – 480MHz STM32H7 (ARM Cortex-M7)
  • Mission Computer Processor – Intel®Celeron®J3455 @ 1.5GHz
  • Internal GNSS RTK Receiver – u-blox ZED-F9P® or Septentrio® AsteRx-m2®
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