Our Early Years

We’ve been in the drone space for more than 10 years and shared many world firsts with incredible, forward-thinking companies. Aeronavics began as Droidworx in 2010 when its founders Linda Bulk and Rob Brouwer wanted a solution for taking images from the sky without using a helicopter.


Leading Drone Transformation

Within three months of launching, the company had distributors around the world. Linda and Rob set about transforming the early professional drone industry with 20kg payloads and flying on top of Mount Everest.

Drones for Businesses Around the World

Today we continue the journey with custom-built, innovative, industrial-grade drones for the utility, agricultural, public services, and mining and energy sectors. Company’s founders Linda Bulk and Rob Brouwer remain active directors on the Board.

Aeronavics founders John and Linda with a drone in the background