Assess damage.

There is has much to gain from having drones in the sky especially in the unfortunate event of natural disasters. Drones are an essential resource in assessing damage and increasing the all-important situational awareness for recovery planning.

Survillance of a natural disaster

Asset inspections.

Complete bridge or roading inspections with ease using an Aeronavics drone fitted with a custom payload that integrates into existing systems and identify equipment before a failure.

Reduce injury risk.

Assessing the health of an asset can be challenging, time-consuming and dangerous to personnel. Using a drone can drastically reduce costs and risks of injury.

The right solution.

We work with a range of different payloads. It is important to get a fit-for-purpose solution. Drawing on our knowledge and working closely with you, we can configure the perfect package for:
  1. Bridge inspections
  2. Plant inspections
  3. Structural inspections
  4. Environmental inspections
  5. Emergency management
  6. Damage assessment
  7. Progress monitoring
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