Some of the most advanced Aerial Robots available today

Our Aircraft are used for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Including but not limited to ..

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Our Products

High performance robust aircraft - for precision 3D terrain mapping, aerial Inspection and much more


Aeronavics NAVI™ 1.3

Compact.Versatile.1.2kg Payload. 50 min Endurance


Aeronavics SkyJib™ V2.0

Aerial Workhorse.Max 7kg Payload. 45 min Endurance


Aeronavics ICON™

Endurance. Heavy Lift. Heavy Duty.
Up to 15kg payload

dual screen monitor

Aeronavics Control Options

Advanced Ground Control Options

Benefits of an Aeronavics Solution

Precision Engineered

Robust and reliable, fully customisable solutions

Weather Ruggedised

Stable flights in wind speeds of up to 60 km/h and in light rain and snow

Future Proof Computing

On-board computing for future upgrades and maintenance

Service and Support

Global Service and Support packages available