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Our Aerial Robots are used for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Such as..

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Our Range of Products

Precision engineered high performance craft from light to heavy payloads with swappable sensor packages – a craft for every job

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Aeronavics NAVI™

Compact. Agile. Versatile.
Up to 1.2kg Payload

skyjib image

Aeronavics SkyJib™

Accomplished. Multifaceted.
Up to 5kg Payload


Aeronavics ICON™

Endurance. Heavy Lift. Heavy Duty.
Up to 15kg payload

dual screen monitor

Aeronavics Control Options

Advanced Ground Control Options

Benefits of an Aeronavics Solution

Precision Engineered

High Performance Aerial Robotics Solutions

Weather Ruggedised

Stable flights in wind speeds of up to 45 km/h and in light rain and snow

Future Proof Computing

On-board computing for future upgrades and maintenance

Service and Support

Service and Support packages from experienced Aeronavics Engineers and Technicians

About Aeronavics

Designers and manufacturers of Industrial Aerial Robotic Solutions

Aeronavics LTD

Aeronavics Ltd – operating commercially since 2010 – is a world-class designer and manufacturer of Aerial Robotics Solutions.

Our mission is to change the way the world works through sustainable intelligent aerial robotics solutions, aiming to increase efficiency, lower cost and increase safety in the industrial and professional market segments.

Based in New Zealand, our craft are exported world-wide to service the rapidly growing professional and industrial drone industry. Applications include: surveying and mapping, farming and precision agriculture, industrial inspections, media and broadcasting, and emergency services.

Industrial Aerial Robotics


To change the way the world works

  • with sustainable intelligent solutions
  • that enrich our customers, team and shareholders

Sustainability is important to us – offering products that contribute to a sustainable planet, as well as running a sustainable business model, as well as offering a sustainable work environment to our team which is enjoyable and stimulating.

Following values are central in achieving our goals: Customer Centricity, Innovation, Focus, Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, & Fun.


  • Be the global leader and preferred supplier of premium professional aerial robotics solution.

Commitment & Integrity

We keep pushing the envelope in bringing new or extended capability to solve real world problems. We listen to our customers and tailor solutions to facilitate data gathering and processing in the easiest, safest and quickest way.

We brought many ‘firsts’ to the world in terms of lift capability and flight endurance and have a 3 -5 year development program in place to develop the aerial robot of the future, gathering fully autonomously relevant information required for high value asset inspections, monitoring (remote) areas or delivering payloads.

We work with Civil Aviation Authorities and relevant government bodies to develop compliance and regulation standards and collaborate with industry associates to further progress the uptake and implementation of aerial robotics technology.

Why Choose Aeronavics?

Customers choose Aeronavics because of the high quality and reliability of the products, the outstanding support, the innovative product development roadmap, the trusted brand and the vision of company’s management.
Following product features or the combination thereof are unique to Aeronavics:

  • Multiple redundancies
  • Multi-functional – easy exchangeable payloads
  • Extensive on-board computing power
  • Large range of product capability


Aeronavics and NAB2016

21 Apr 2016
Aeronavics is excited to be part of the 2016 NAB Show! Based at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, we've collaborated with NZ companies Callaghan Innovation, Wipster and Vortec NZ to show the world how Kiwi's do business.
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