Professional surveyors around the world have been quick to identify the benefits associated with drone use in their industry.

With the adoption of a tailored surveying multi-rotor, job times can be reduced drastically with simple and accurate recording of data. This applies to any industry needing a mapping function.

For earthworks, quarries, roading companies, and engineering firms, the use of aerial robotics technology offer a unique opportunity to source accurate data and information on a more regular basis and quicker than with traditional methods.

Volume calculations, digital terrain models, orthomosaics and more can easily be obtained and in a safe manner, reducing risk to personnel.

Comprehensive set-up, training and instruction are provided with each drone.

Used for

  • General mapping
  • Digital terrain models
  • Contour models
  • True orthomosaics
  • Aerial topographic survey
  • Land development projects
  • Aerial photographs

With a range of payloads, it’s important to get a solution best suited for the job.

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