Aerial photo

Same Drone – Different Cameras

We are well known for our world-class, stable platforms that create steady usable footage – a determining factor in delivering better quality, and getting more jobs.

An Aeronavics drone has easy plug out and plug-in payload options for different cameras to be attached and, with our new professional ground control station, collaboration between the pilot and camera operator has never been better.

Drones for Live Sports

The way live sporting events are covered and viewed is changing. Aeronavics media packages are part of this changing landscape and can provide a range of new perspectives for both officials and the audience.

With extended flight times and signature stability combined with top-of-the-line broadcasting equipment, our packages can equip sports media professionals with the right tools for the job.

Drones for CinematographyAerial view using a drone

Hollywood was where we took flight and developed a “go-to” drone for directors all around the world. Since then, our platforms have been capturing the highest quality imagery and have become the provider of gear for those working at the high-end of media production.

Drones for Documentary Filming

Documentary filming involves the need for the highest quality footage in some of the most demanding environments on earth. Our robust and weather ruggedised drones can withstand high winds and a range of adverse weather conditions without compromising quality.