Aeronavics is pleased to welcome Martin Riegel as Independent Chairman of its Board of Directors.



Martin has a long-held interest in innovative technology and its commercialization.  Martin is a Principal at Broadfield Advisory which he co-founded in 2013 with Al Monro to actively help New Zealand technology companies expand globally. Martin is currently working with a number of New Zealand companies and government entities including as CEO/Director of UbiquiOS Technology, Director of Cemplicity, Chairman of Mixquake, Director of Broadbell Technologies, Director of Vizzybell, and with FarmIQ, Serato, and Callaghan Innovation.  Martin also volunteers as a University of Auckland SPARK competition judge and mentor. Martin has served as CEO, COO and CFO for a number of technology companies over his career including NextWindow in New Zealand and 10 years with Intel Corporation in the US. Martin has a BBA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Indiana University.